Welcome to Our Studio

Welcome to Leeon & Shaw Pilates and to discovering the benefits of attending Pilates sessions with us.

Regardless of your physical fitness, the Pilates method will help you to develop a stronger back, flatten your abdominal muscles, improve your flexibility, posture, strength , co-ordination and muscular endurance. It will help you to correct muscular imbalance and poor posture from work related activities. It will stimulate the circulatory system; oxygenate the blood, help heal injured tissues and help prevent osteoporosis.

It can be safely used by pregnant women helping them to confidently adjust to their changing shape, and it also encourages proper breathing patterns and awareness of body alignment. Then when your baby is born it can help recover body shape and tone.

We look forward to welcoming you to our studio, no matter what your goals and needs are, and helping you to discover how Pilates can help you attain these goals as well as an enhanced sense of well being.